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Why test IBM Maximo or other software?



  1. Customization, disparate deployments, Configuration and Different Metadata needs thorough functional and non functional tests.
  2. Timely service deployments always on CIO’s priority. Testing is the only means to prove whether the application/service is fit for use or not
  3. Requirement and design errors are found during implementation stage cost 100 times and these errors need to be found earliest.
  4. Need to prove that applications provide enough confidence to end users for effective usage.

It is therefore a mandate to test software applications, not only after completion but also during development to reduce the number of major incidents in the production environment.

Select GoodTech Consulting for Your Needs?

You have many reasons to select us.
  1. Cost Effective : Our rates are very competitive. So you can cut direct costs.
  2. Trained Professionals : We have specialized and Certified professionals working in development, testing and Infrastructure management space.
  3. Process Oriented :  We do whatever the best and follow a systematic process right from contract signing to delivery. We are process oriented and follow standards/best practices and guidelines. We promote CMMi, TMMi process.
  4. You can Staff Wisely :  By outsourcing to us, you can be relaxed, you do not need to have specialised staff doing the work.
  5. Easy Access :  We are delivery oriented and focus on customer satisfaction, we do whatever that requires to deliver the best and make it easily and timely available.
  6. Flexible Engagement :  You have option to chose T&M, Fixed or Monthly fee based.

IBM Maximo and Other Application Testing Services

At GoodTech software Testing labs we provide our customers with a complete external , independent testing service in IBM Maximo and other applications. Here are some of our Testing offerings

Functional Testing : Does your application achieve its design objectives? Does it meet set out requirements? Is the application “Fit for Use” ? these are the questions that must be asked before rolling it out to end users. We can help you by testing your application against its requirements/specifications, adopting black box and white box testing techniques.

Load and Stress Testing : How will your application behave when many users hit simultaneously in the real world? Does the application sustain the load or crash. As a CIO you need scientific proof here. We can help you by testing your application capability to respond to the demands of real-life situations, creating workloads. In order to provide cost effective solutions, we have partnered with UK based tool vendor Reflective Software and bring Performance testing and tool expertise.

Internationalization and Localization Testing : Is your application globally usable? GoodTech can provide complete localization testing solutions in Asian and European languages.

Automation : Do you need repeated business process / test cases be automated? so you could save testing time? GoodTech has automation experts in Open source and Commercial tools with a proven record.

White Box Testing : GoodTech offers white box testing in Java and .Net applications using JUnit and nUnit Framework.

For each of above testing we create comprehensive test plans, test cases, conduct testing and provide Daily Status Reports and Issues. We are special in creating what is called as understanding document to reduce rework.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services

GoodTech’s IT monitoring services maintains full lifecycle experience, including architecture, design, development, deployment, testing, process creation and maintenance of IT Monitoring services in Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, IBM Domino and others.. Our strong commitment to customer service and quality, reinforced by partnership helps companies solve business problems so they can stop worrying about technology and focus on their customers.

  1. Hiring specialized skill-sets to complete a project.
  2. Augmenting an existing development team with experienced consultants.
  3. Dealing with time demanding development schedules or adding critical functionality.

CRM Training Service :

GoodTech has partnered with for providing training and certification program in P.CRM certification. We bring our practical experience of setting up CRM for a Canada based company. We bring expertise in Zoho, Salesforce and other cloud packages.

GoodTech Tool Labs Services :

GoodTech has setup a special open source lab to enrich skills in Development and Testing tools like Jmeter, Junit, nUnit and other tools. We have specially set up this lab to provide cost effective solutions to our customers.

GoodTech has expertise in tools like HP QTP, Quality Center, Performance Center. GoodTech has partnered with a UK based Performance tool vendor Reflective software to provide cost effective performance testing solutions.

Professional Services : 
When your projects require additional resources in application development or testing, or infrastructure management just give a call to us. We will be glad to help you.

We have trained and certified professionals and constantly hone their skills. Kindly contact us or drop a mail at and let us know your requirements for a best match.

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