Performance Testing Services :



GoodTech’s  software test delivery services focus on how to overcome or avoid the delivery and process challenges in the testing world. We provide services; in the areas of software test automation, software performance testing, manual testing, etc. We help ensure distinct and domain specific testing delivery approach for each client as per their changing needs and requirements. Our  industry expertise also enables competitive and innovative testing delivery solutions through continuous R&D and exploring latest tools and technology trends.

Software Test Delivery Service Offerings :

  • Web based testing services
  • Test center set up
  • Test program management
  • Agile testing services
  • Cloud based testing services
  • ERP Testing services

Software Test Automation :

The process of automating the steps of manual test cases using a tool or utility to shorten the testing life cycle. When a system undergoes regression, some of the steps might be missed out or skipped, which can be avoided with automation. Software test automation helps avoid human errors, expedite the testing process, thus saving time and effort and a reduced test life cycle.

A MaximoLoadTest™ is typically delivered within 14 days from the start of the engagement, providing comprehensive analysis of Maximo’s performance, scalability and load capacity, whilst simultaneously monitoring the underlying server and infrastructure resources.

Designed to accurately test real life scenarios, a MaximoLoadTest™ will simulate realistic user transactions from any global locations required, to ensure the load created is a true representation of how Maximo will be used in the real world.

This service will give an understanding of user response times, and will also pinpoint the underlying causes of any problems that may arise.

  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Reduced testing timescales
  • Affordable service
  • Detailed reports and analysis

Test center set-up : Assists clients to define and establish customized test centers for their testing engagements.

Test management :To provide management support in testing engagements. We do provide necessary training and support clients through our professional services approaches.

Manual and automation testing : Provides holistic manual and automation testing support to clients, along with test consulting services.

Software performance testing services : Understand necessary compliance of a system or software component with specified performance requirements, such as response times, transaction rates, and resource utilization. By studying this real world usage pattern is simulated. GoodTech provides extensive software performance testing support and consulting services to clients on tools and execution.

ERP testing services : Define standard testing process to help enhance effectiveness of testing practices in ERP programs.

Cloud-based testing services : Provide independent assessment and testing services for cloud based service offerings.

Agile testing services : Provide an agile testing approach to our customers.

Web-based testing services : Provide independent test services for web-based service offerings.

Key Differentiation : 

  • Details study of clients need and Domain centric delivery solutions
  • Expert in panel with consulting expertise
  • Customer aligned solutions
  • Good alliances with various vendors to ensure global and up-to-date technology-based approach to provide and maintain quality
  • Retrospection using testing metrics such as defect removal efficiency, defect ratios, and cost of defects.

HP Loadrunner

HP Loadrunner or HP Performance center tool is used by many organizations to carry out performance tests. HP Performance center comes with modules like VuGen, Controller, Analysis and real time monitoring of CPU, Memory can be done during tests. VUGen provides multiple protocols for HTTP,HTTPS, Citrix and plug ins for different types of tests ranging from mainframe based applications through web and mobile applications. We at GoodTech have a complete lab with HP Performance center tool and provide training , consultancy to set up the tool, carry out performance tests.


JMeter is an open source tool from Apache family, it is most suited performance tool and has ability to test web , database, non web applications.  It is simple to use tool and can be customized to specific needs. We at GoodTech have extended this tool to Zabbix and also to do performance testing of IBM Maximo based applications. We provide training, consultancy and carry out performance testing using jmeter.

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