1. Why CRM Certification?


The Professional CRM ( P.CRM) certification allows you to demonstrate proficiency in Customer Relationship Management concepts.

Become a Certified professional and stand apart from your peers, boost your confidence, and expand your career opportunities. Whats more, the P.CRM certification is a internationally acclaimed certificate program from Association for Advancement of Relationship Management (AARM) a premier body which works , does research and promotes Customer Relationship Management. There are already thousands of professionals who are P.CRM. from Fortune 500 companies, So you want to be left out?

2 .About the P.CRM Course and Certificate.

GoodTech Consulting Pvt.Ltd., is an authorized training provider for P. CRM Certification program from AARM.Org.

We train professionals with a commitment to developing careers and a workforce that makes CRM a value added activity for any enterprise.

Our understanding of best practice, templates, and industry implementations, ensures P.CRM courses address real workplace challenges.

GoodTech offers flexible training solutions in a classroom, distance learning or in-company format to meet all budgets and needs. Whether you are a new recruit in Marketing, a specialist or senior management (CxO), or a CRM Implementor or Student persuing Marketing , our unique industry insight guarantees courses that are engaging and effective.

We suggest any one in the enterprise who deals with customers to take advantage of this certificate to demonstrate clear understanding of customer management skills.

We at GoodTech Consulting administer this course in line with AARM.ORG standards and specifications and as per the syllabus.

The P.CRM certification training is organized every week end in Major Indian Cities and you can opt to chose a nearest city of your choice.

For Certification Policy and Procedures You can register in the form, leave the details to us and we will be in touch with you. Also , first you read the FAQ.

3. The Value of Certification.

P.CRM certification is a formal recognition by Association for Advancement of Relationship Management(AARM.org) that an individual has demonstrated proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specific body of knowledge in customer relationship management. Nearly 150,00 certifications have been issued to dedicated professionals worldwide till now.

Invest in your career and your future with an P.CRM certification. Gain an advantage over your competition and increase your potential for a higher salary.

If you have any questions on the P.CRM Certification Program, we strongly suggest you to look at FAQ first and also send an email to us at info@goodtech.co.in

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